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Proposal shoots


We’ll make sure you experience an unforgettable engagement proposal, and you will be able to relive the moment forever captured.

The Engagement Proposal is a type of photo shoot that in recent years has been big on demand. Usually these are guys who want to surprise their girlfriends.

I will briefly explain how the Proposal shoot could be organized. Often the future groom organizes a weekend in a romantic place, Rome, Venice, Florence, or any place you prefer.

Obviously, all in secret, so as not to spoil the surprise to his future bride. The Engagement proposal will have to take place in a public place, so I can blend in between the crowd and tourists.

Initially I will follow you and steal some shots discreetly.

At the moment of the engagement proposal, I will try to catch the looks, the smiles and emotions of the moment. Afterwards, after leaving you in a moment of intimacy, I will introduce myself to the bride-to-be and together we will choose how and where to end the shooting.

If you are interested in this Engagement Proposal do not hesitate to contact me (without any commitment) for more information.