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Pre-Wedding Services


Are you looking for a good reason to do a pre-wedding service? Read our article and we'll give you some good reasons!

I mainly shoot weddings, pre-weddings, engagements and much more in Sardinia. You might not be used to being the center of attention, doing a pre-wedding shoot could help you break the ice. The actual Pre-Wedding shooting usually takes place months before the wedding, when the most important preparations have been made and you are left with only some small details to be taken care of. Often being overwhelmed by so many commitments and preparations, less importance is given to the Pre-Wedding shoot, but are you sure you should neglect this?

I want to give you some advice and make sure you don’t regret not doing the Pre-Wedding Shoot.

1. The Pre-Wedding shoot will help you break the ice with the photographer;
2. You will let the photographer get to know your style;
3. You will become familiar with the camera;
4. You will have memories in places important to you;
5. You can unplug from the frenzy of all the preparations;
6. Use the photos of the Pre-Wedding for invitations or the guestbook;
7. Make photographic tests for your makeup and hairstyling;
8. Have a memory to review for life.