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Who am I?


Creative, modern and original, I want to make your memories last forever.
I'm Daniele Cherenti, your photographer in Sardinia.

I want to tell your stories, weddings and important events through captions, moments stolen and imprinted to last forever thanks to a photo shot.

The style of my shooting allows me to work behind the scenes, with total discretion and without interfering the natural flow of events.

Your wedding day is so special, it is the one day where it is important to feel comfortable and fully enjoy every moment. I will be a spectator and I will try to capture the best moments of your wedding in Sardinia or any other location you have chosen.

The goal during Wedding Shoots, Pre-Wedding and Engagement proposal shoots is to capture emotions, special glances and laughs, with an original style I will try to let you just have fun interacting with the surrounding environment, and without stealing too much time from those who await you.

It will be my honour being your photographer in Sardinia, and to be able to tell your story, saving your memories in an image that will be preserved forever!

I am a professional photographer, specialized in weddings, engagement and pre-wedding services.

I can organize photo sessions for Italians and foreigners throughout Italy and abroad.

Being a photographer in Sardinia, my home land, capturing lights and landscapes that belong to my DNA, allows me to seize moments and situations in the most suitable location.

I live and work mainly in Sardinia, but I love to travel and easily jetset throughout Italy as well as abroad.

I live in the province of Carbonia in Iglesias, in south-western Sardinia, where my passion for history and authenticity of this land is reflected in my work.

My photography career started with a great passion for photography, combined with the desire to get to know people, discover new cultures and new places.

“I see myself as a modern and creative writer.
Each image is a story, each story is a concentration of true and spontaneous emotions that involve you and bring you back to the memory of that day.”